Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mono County Cemteries

Cemeteries are owned, operated or housed in all kinds of places and by all types of entities. Three cemeteries in Mono County are overseen by the Public Works Department. These three are the Bridgeport Cemetery, Mt. Morison Cemetery, and the Mono Lake Cemetery.

The Bridgeport Cemetery is located in the city of Bridgeport, which is close to the Nevada state line. Mt. Morrison is located at Mt. Morrison road which is off of the 395 and Mono Lake Cemetery is overlooking Mono Lake.

For more information on these three cemeteries, check out the Mono County website at


In 2007, I wrote a book entitled, Cemeteries of the Eastern Sierra (published by Arcadia). During my research of that book, I with some help, not only conducted a lot of research on the cemeteries of the Eastern Sierra but also researched the genealogy and history of the local people.

It was always my hope to share some of this information, too much for the book, with those interested in cemeteries. So this is where this blog comes in.

I will be using this blog as a place to post pictures, genealogy, and links having to do with the cemeteries and people of the Eastern Sierra (Inyo and Mono Counties, California).

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