Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sheriff William L. Moore

Sheriff William L Moore, also known as "Dad" was a pioneer of Lone Pine. He also served as it's sheriff until he was killed in the line of duty. Ironically enough, he had become sheriff when the previous sheriff was killed in the line of duty.

To read about his murder, consult the Officer Down Memorial Page at Other pieces of information about him can be found at and

His obituary appeared in the Inyo Independent 5 July 1879. I've transcribed it below:

The funeral- No better estimate of the very great esteem in which our deceased Sheriff William L. Moore, was universally held need to be offered than the fact that scarce a soul throughout the extent of the valley who could possibly get here but was here to-day to follow his remains to their last resting place-more especially is this true of those who, all of men, knew him best, his fellow pioneers. Though many of these and others were compelled to drive most of the night to reach here in time, they came, and from the most distant as well as every intermediate locality for sixty miles in either direction. With these came every member, able for the journey, of the Masonic order, of which deceased was a most worthy brother. The Pioneers and Masons all appeared in suitable badges and full regalia respectively, the latter conducting the ceremonies according to the rites of the order. Here, we may remark that this is the first time in the history of this Masonic Lodge that it has ever, as a lodge, been called upon to perform a mournful duty for a deceased brother, and, that in consequence, to most of the brethren the peculiar duties of the hour were quite as new as sad, and they were certainly sad enough. But the writer, who is not of the order, feels constrained to say that the beautiful yet mournful rites were rendered as if by veterans in their practice as well as love for their deceased brother-a fact no doubt largely due to the ability and impressive reading by their Worshipful Master, Judge Conklin. The concourse was doubly the largest ever witnessed in this place, yet scores were not present for no other reason than it was impossible for them to obtain any conveyances. Deceased leaves no wife or children to mourn his loss, or other near relatives resident on this coast save an inconsolable brother, J. J. Moore, our highly respected Under Sheriff and ex-Sheriff; but in lein of nearer ones “Dad” leaves an entire community to most sincerely mourn his untimely and tragic death. But he died as he had lived-fulfilling his duty. What better tribute than that for any man or officer?


  1. Hi Gena. Great stuff! I think I have a photograph of Moore somewhere in my old microfilm copies of the Inyo Register. I think it was part of a special series that ran in the early 1900's. Will have to check on that and let you know so you can include it.
    Denise Flynn

  2. Hey Denise-

    I would love to include it. Thanks!